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 Class Name    Apparel Design Technology

This is a one hour seminar that shows the basic overview on how C.A.D. technology can increase creativity, by making changes faster, and productivity, by cutting the time of development. Maximum 12 People.

$20.00 Each Person



Our classes are designed for individuals with pattern and sewing knowledge.  We do not teach pattern making or design.  We have had successful results with graduates of design school who have experience in illustrator and have good understanding of pattern work. Our lessons are focused on taking someone who has pattern experience, and move them into using their knowledge digitally.


Class Name
Pattern C.A.D. Training - Intro
4 One on One
One Hour Classes - $150


Class 1

Learn about the potentials and efficiencies of electronic patterning.

Learn to digitize a object like another pattern

How to smooth out and fix lines

How to manipulate your pattern


 Class 2

Walking a Pattern





 Class 3


Learn to make Markers

Learn how to estimate yields



Class 4 


See how your electronic files convert to markers and can be plotted on paper as well as Electronic Cutting tables.






 For More information and setting up training contact