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  Commercial Sewing Machines            

Sewing Machines   $10.00 an hour.




                                                                Machine Certification

Because everybody comes in with a different set of knowledge, and will learn at a different rate, we charge $35.00 an hour and a typical sewing machine takes .5 to 1 hr.  Cutting table requires a minimum of a Intro class and 4 hours of certification. 



C.A.D Pattern Software




  Intro Class: is one on one class broken up into 4 sessions one hour each. $150.00


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  C.A.D.  Pattern Software

We have a straight drop in rate of $10.00 an hour. Because of the growing usage call in advance or make reservations.

Gerber AccuMark



  Electronic Cutting Table

$40.00 an hour.  $60.00 an hour with staff person.

Minimum cut is $15.00





  Brother GT-541  
Brother GT-541

The t-shirt printer can print almost any image onto a t-shirt.

$25 an hour and $1.00 per print for ink.

Usually we print an illiustrator file.  The only restriction is that it does not print white ink, so does not work well with dark or black t-shirts.



  Melco Embroidery

This single head machine can embroider upto 16 colors.  It can do shirts and hats.  Our price is $20.00 an hour plus .02 a hundred threads stitched.